Friday, July 27, 2012

Excellent Design in Korea: i40 European version of Sonata.
Very sporty Concept and 
this is not Concept car, but production Car.

The price would be 1/3 of Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting break.


Aggressive Design in Korea: The Hyundai Veloster 2012
 A compact 3-door car first produced in 2011 with sales beginning in South Korea in 2011 and in the United States since the 2011. It is the first of Hyundai's new Premium Youth Lab sub-brand, which is targeted for the young generation of drivers. It's available from $ 22,800 with Turbo. 
Very aggressive design!

Excellent Design in Korea: KIA K-9.
Hyundai Santa Fe xi45: Combined with yet another iteration of Hyundai’s “fluidic sculpture” design language, which seems to be dedicated to eliminating the slab-sided look of yesteryear, the revised dimensions lend more sleekness to the Santa Fe’s profile, continuing the crossover trend away from the blocky look once so popular in this class. 5 passenger and 7 passenger are available.

Excellent Design in Korea: Miss Universe 2012 in Korea.

WCU Program 2012 has been implemented from May 21st to July 20th 2012 at Hongik Univ. 
in Seoul Korea.

Original Manta was designed by Hideo Kodama at Opel, and I designed the Racing Sports version GT/E
 in 1979 in Germany.

Taxi Design: I'm designing the taxi for NY. Seoul and Tokio for myself, and designing the T-shirts, too.

Audi A7 Coupe? Now, Car Drawing tutorial book like this, I'm planing to publish by myself with Marker version and Digital version. Try to make it as affordable as passible. Hope you like it, the name will be "Professional Car Sketchbooks".