New Design Update

The Korea Train EXpress (KTX) is South Korea’s high-speed rail system. 

It is operated by Korail. The train’s technology is largely based on the French TGV system, and has a top speed of 350 km/h, limited to 300 km/h during regular service for safety. It takes for 2.5 hours from Seoul to Busan.

It must be the 2nd generations with the original front Design and Graphics.

The logo was written by Hangul Korean alphabet and Chinese character in the modern design. 

The interior color was painted by gray metallic paint in chic, and smartly dressed. 

The automatic door with sensor touch are installed by the each end of the coach., but no English.
The public space are pretty much pragmatic design with the exposed mechanism.

The pubic space has a vending machine for drinks.

New Product Design News: Camera like Lieca M9 Titanium 
   and Porsch Watches.
When people own a premium product like a camera, they enjoy a secret sense of superiority. People will always pay for the mechanical beauty, not Commodity product made by plastic.

I guess people will always be fascinated with the mechanical beauty of a finely-tuned engine which is exposed to view or by the fine gears that are visible from the rear of a mechanical watch. But it's "Tag along behind person" type of products.

Kickstarter Nano Watches

Lica M9 Titanium
                                                    Sony Digital Camera NEX-5

Alfa Romeo Prototype Car

I found a nice car lately. That is Zagato Alfa Romeo Centenary TZ3. it must be designed by Norihiko Harada who is on of my good friends. Nice Simple design like the old Alfa Romeo, but its not "Retro design".         


Off course, I like the original TZ too, but this one is mach newer looks with modern technology such as head lamp, wheel ect.