Saturday, February 16, 2013

Design Proppsal: My kind of New BMW 3 series

No Challenge, No Future,,,I'm getting tired of the latest conservative BMW styling.

with Hybrid Turbo Engine.



New Cadillac ATS Coupe

It's look good on the street, and I hope I can see classic coupe style on it.





Design Proposal: My kind of New Honda "BEAT" in 2014

Engine:  Scale down sizing Tubo- charged Engine: 1000cc and Hybrid engine?

Speed-star Version

Target Costumer, my expectations!

Original Honda Beat has been suspended to mass manufacturing.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

GM Design Center in 1978

Right after ACCD Grad in 1977, I have bee accepted from the GM, and I have joined the Chevy Advanced Studio in 1978, supervised by R. Hill and Tony. I was fascinated by many other talented designer at the Design Center, and I have generated many Corvette proposals. These are earlier drawing and Full-size tape rendering in 1978.

Very first Full-size tape (3/4 view) rendering at Chevy advanced Studio in 1978. Thank you Ron were posing as a full size scale model for the vehicle.

Mid-Engined Corvette

Tere were supposed to read " Shark" in Japanese on the background as the design insperation.

Adam Opel Design Center in 1978~

I was working at Opel backing in the almost 40 years ago. For me first Germany memories when I arrived at at the Frankfurt airport to town Russelshaim where Opel AG was the "Autobahn " nothing else. At any rate, it is a Unlimited Speeds Freeway. I was shocked by the reality that the "circuit test" like infrastructure has been already equipped with in Germany at that time. Thanks the smallest Kaddet, it was even 1.3 -liter 150 hours power were able to reach to the destination without any stress. Occasionally, rear-wheel make some strange sound "hitting rabbit noise ", but keeping an eye on the far ahead without any sympathy to them. Also, I was scared by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche are zooming up on my review mirror quickly. Since then, I realized why German cars have the strong "Front identity" and good visibilities in front and rear. However, the "driving machine as an German industrial design" was lacking only the sense of "sexyness" and "emotion" in their design," the visual design and I think it was. At that time, especially in Germany technology
Opel has taken the secret design strategy that has been designed by global designer team. and, they have hired as many talented german and non-german designer from all over the world. Opel has already condaucted the first innovative International Design team in 1970.

ACCD Vis Com class in 1975 ~ 76

I remember having been praised by Professor Youngkin, who was particularly tough on students, for the quantity of sketches I drew. I was in first year and my English was not very good. I asked a classmate what was expected in terms of homework and he told me “about 50 sketches a week” when actually the professor expected 15. I hadn’t realized I had been lied to, and rather foolishly grinded out my 50 sketches a week. Thinking back, it was because of all the effort I put into my homework at that time that I acquired the sensibilities I now have. And thanks to all my sketches, Professor Youngkin liked me, that “Japanese student who tries so hard”. Today I feel sincerely grateful to that friend, Greg!

The Figure Drawing Class at ACCD in 1977

I was excited attending the Figure Drawing class at ACCD, because the models were movie actor and actress came from the Hollywood, and some time Fashion models came from the magazine like the ”Playboy” and ”Penthouse”. I could not concentrate drawing, of course!

Updated about a week ago

Combat Aircraft on Sketchbook

Last Aviation Glory at the U.S. air Force Museum, Dayton. OH

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Studebaker National Museum, South Bend, IN
CCS Summer Cultural Immersion Workshop 2012.

Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert and Raymond Loewy 
at the Studebaker Proving Ground.

Studebaker clay modelers work on the Avanti's full size clay model in summer f 1961.
The eight-scale clay models stand in foreground.

The Studebaker 1963 Avanti Prpduction Model:
The car was created to revive interest in the failing Studbaker brand.
and was marketed as a " prestige car" similar to the Ford Thunderbird and Buick Riviera.
Standerd equipment included a fiber glass body, seat belt, disc break and a roll bar.
Engine: V8, 289 cubic, 240 hp, $4,445

They have been developing the prototype of 4 door version Avanti after that.

Front View

Side view

1953 Champion Starliner Hardtop 

1934 Bendix commissioned this automotive products.
Bendix Corp. engineers built the car interlay by hand.
With some assistance from off-duty Studebaker employees. 
The car toured internationally, and was never shown publicly in the U.S.