Saturday, November 3, 2012

ACCD Vis Com class in 1975 ~ 76

I remember having been praised by Professor Youngkin, who was particularly tough on students, for the quantity of sketches I drew. I was in first year and my English was not very good. I asked a classmate what was expected in terms of homework and he told me “about 50 sketches a week” when actually the professor expected 15. I hadn’t realized I had been lied to, and rather foolishly grinded out my 50 sketches a week. Thinking back, it was because of all the effort I put into my homework at that time that I acquired the sensibilities I now have. And thanks to all my sketches, Professor Youngkin liked me, that “Japanese student who tries so hard”. Today I feel sincerely grateful to that friend, Greg!

The Figure Drawing Class at ACCD in 1977

I was excited attending the Figure Drawing class at ACCD, because the models were movie actor and actress came from the Hollywood, and some time Fashion models came from the magazine like the ”Playboy” and ”Penthouse”. I could not concentrate drawing, of course!

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