Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Studebaker National Museum, South Bend, IN
CCS Summer Cultural Immersion Workshop 2012.

Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert and Raymond Loewy 
at the Studebaker Proving Ground.

Studebaker clay modelers work on the Avanti's full size clay model in summer f 1961.
The eight-scale clay models stand in foreground.

The Studebaker 1963 Avanti Prpduction Model:
The car was created to revive interest in the failing Studbaker brand.
and was marketed as a " prestige car" similar to the Ford Thunderbird and Buick Riviera.
Standerd equipment included a fiber glass body, seat belt, disc break and a roll bar.
Engine: V8, 289 cubic, 240 hp, $4,445

They have been developing the prototype of 4 door version Avanti after that.

Front View

Side view

1953 Champion Starliner Hardtop 

1934 Bendix commissioned this automotive products.
Bendix Corp. engineers built the car interlay by hand.
With some assistance from off-duty Studebaker employees. 
The car toured internationally, and was never shown publicly in the U.S. 

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