Saturday, April 23, 2011

Work at GM Design Center & Adam Opel Design Center 1977 – 1981

My first full-size airbrush rendering at Advanced Design Studio in 1977.
The Studio chief was Ron Hill.

GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION , Design Center, Warren MI 1977 – 1981
Design team member for Corvette concept work in Advanced Studio and advanced CAMARO production car with an emphasis on aerodynamic effects.

ADAM OPEL AG. – Russeelshaim, Germany
Designed all new 1982 Opel Kadett models and handled advanced design on FF MANTA. Selected to design a bobsled for German National Olympic team.

Sports car ideation and Graphics for Sports project at Opel Desihn Studio 3
Hans Zeer was the Studio Chief

2nd Genaration of Opel Monza Design Development for 1990's
Ideation Drawing

Full Size Rendering

Full Size Clay Model in 1980

Second Genaration of Kadett Design in1980's

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