Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Product Update

Wacom Cintiq 24 HD has unveiled,
and it's big and evolved. Also, my PS Rendering will be appeared on the brochure in Asia pacific region.
Very cool! and Can't wait to see!

ワコムCintiq 24HD登場!そのカタログ(アジアパシフィック地域)にはKuni Ito Design Studioのレンダリングがお目見えします。大きい画面と使い勝手が進化したようです

Pentax's first compact system camera (CSC)

  1. If compact system cameras are all about small-scale cameras with lots of control and interchangeable lenses, Pentax has created a winner with its Q.

Pop-up flash light

Small, but thicker than the others

Scion IQ 2012!

Scion IQ 2012 were unviled at CCS yeaterday. It looks like a miniature of Lexas in design, not cheap looking. 1.4 liter Engine, 37 gas mailage within $16,000USD Performance were good, but over 11 second in 0-60 mail maybe too slow. I wanted the Sports package like M-series of BMW!

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