Friday, February 24, 2012

Wacom Rendering Seminar at Car Styling #171, in 2006

Wacom Rendering Seminar 2006 at Car Styling U.S. site:

New Audi TT Proposal: Sketching 3/4 Views

1) Line drawing
Check whether the perspective is right. For a drawing on paper, either turn the paper over or look at it in the mirror. You can see immediately if the perspective is unnatural. For an image on the computer screen, flip the image in Photoshop (Image -> Rotate -> Flip Canvas Horizontal) to refresh your eyes.

2) Drawing the tires/wheels
Many students tend to make mistakes when drawing such cylindrical shapes as the tires/wheels, wheel openings or headlights. The ellipses for the tires/wheels have forms expressing the perspective. The major axis of the ellipse of a tire/wheel is at a right angle to the minor axis passing through the center of the wheel. In other words, the minor axis of the ellipse is on the perspective line. If the wheels are turned things become more complex (according to the suspensionÃ…fs camber angle and the towing angle), so extra care is required. In general, large wheels make sports cars look cooler, but the designer should discuss the size with the engineers at the development stage to ensure feasibility at the production stage. The diameter of the tires affects various aspects of the body design (size of the wheel openings, bulge of the fenders, etc.).

3) Motion Blur Effect and Radial Blur Effects.

4) Lighting Effect and cast Shadow on the car.
Shine a spotlight on the car to create a dramatic image. Shining the light on the part you want to stress can be effective for strengthening the sense of perspective. In Photoshop, the angle and range of
the light source, as well as the intensity, focus, gloss, material and exposure can be adjusted at Filter -> Render -> Lighting Effects.

5) Lens Flare Effect and hi-lite
It is possible to add sunlight or a backlight effect at Filter -> Render -> Lens flare. This is particularly effective for expressing shiny glass surfaces. But use this effect with moderation or it will make the shapes hard to distinguish.

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