Saturday, March 17, 2012


The Corvette Mako Sark in1961: Bill Michael, GM Vice president of Styling wanted to paint this Car with Shark's color, because it was inspired from the real Mako Shark he has caught during his vacation. Bill asked GM's paint-shop to paint a exactly as same color as the Shark's model in his office that was molded out from the Shark. However, The color never came out good after their many attempts, and they happened to paint his model taking out of his office as same color as the car at end. Bill looked so happy about the color, according to my friend.


気づいてか、気づかなかったのか, 彼は終止 至極ご満悦だったらしい。

Design proposals, Inspired from fish and shellfish. 

WACOM Rendering Seminar at Car Styling # 185, published in 2007.
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