Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Original American Idol

The "split window" that Bill Mitchell (1912 - 1988), the chief stylist at the time, pushed passed the opposition of other board members, but while sales leaped two-fold over the previous year, the poor visibility to the rear was much criticized (Motor Magazine referred to "that bar in the rear window"), and the model disappeared from show rooms in just one year.

当時のチーフ・スタイリスト,ビル・ミッチェル(19121988)が他の役員をねじ伏せて実現させたといういわく付きの“スプリット・ウィンドウ”は,売上が前年の倍に跳ね上がったにも関わらず,後方視界の悪さで当時のMotor誌から“that bar in the rear window”(リア・ウィンドウの中の邪魔物)と批判されたためか,わずか1年でショールームから姿を消してしまうのだが,,,,

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